Friday, January 6, 2012

Outfits of Year Past

This is what happened: the week after Christmas, we visited family out of town. Then when we returned, I was felled by a flu virus for a full seven days. I celebrated New Year's Eve with kleenex and throat drops. So I'm sorry for being late to the "first post of the year" rounds.

I'm not even sure what to say in such a post. My blog is still taking shape, and I'm still learning what it wants to be. This started out as a fashion blog, where I could share my outfits of the day and shoe obsessions. My efforts were hampered somewhat by the fact that I had nothing more than a webcam with poor distance resolution. Then I got a iPhone, and over the summer I segued into close-ups of nail polishes and lipsticks, and in the process got to connect with several amazing individuals in the beauty community. The very first swatch that I posted was of NARS Funny Face.

Forgive the pinup pose. Great bracelet, though, isn't it?

And now, I've been fortunate to be gifted a Nikon D3100. What's next? I think simply better photos. I'll be able to show outfits in more detail, and post more accurate swatches. I'm excited.

In the meantime, I thought I'd take a second look at some of my favorite outfits, in all their pixelated, low-res glory. Shall we?

Depression Era Inspiration

Tartan, Not Tart

Camo Blocking

In Black and Cream

Heron and Ombre

Like I said in my relaunch post, "This is about adornment. This is about the carapace one individual builds, magpie-like out of shiny and silky objects, as a bulwark and a billboard."

Why do you adorn yourself?


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