Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Depression Era Inspiration

I got called Annie Oakley today. I also received a dozen compliments. And someone else saw influence from the '30s. A successful outfit, I would say.

Skirt: L.A.M.B. Shirt: J. Crew. Necklace: DANNIJO. Shoes: Schuler & Sons (via Anthropologie).

The genesis of this getup was my desire to put my Black Friday steals to use, in particular this wool twill skirt by L.A.M.B. The fabric is of a substantial weight, and as you stride the folds snap and billow out about your toes. Yes, you will trip occasionally.

When in doubt about what to wear to work, I go with an Oxford shirt. French blue is a color I love, and it complements camel perfectly (as evidenced by this Dior nail polish post). One good way to top off a shirt with a collar is a chunky necklace that rests on your collarbone.

Called the Theodora Necklace.
Looking at my shoes, I can understand why some would think I had stepped straight off the set of a western. These are leather booties by Schuler & Sons, a quality company based out of Philadelphia that handcrafts its products.

Note the cute plaid hem.

This skirt is so lovely, let's take a few more shots:

The cut is so flattering to my proportions. I already am small-waisted and relatively long-legged, and this skirt intensifies both aspects. The A-line shape also creates an illusion of curves (my shoulders actually are wider than my hips). I could do a more modern and casual look by pairing the skirt with a cropped sweater.

I haven't been able to take decent swatch photos yet, but I'm wearing NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in 413 Bleecker. A limited edition, it's described as "warm rose brown," and to my eyes it's a funky rust color. The matte texture makes it an edgy yet work-appropriate lipstick, and it fades to a very attractive, natural-looking stain. 413 Bleecker is the perfect lip color for this outfit.

I need to go find a Grapes of Wrath stage production now.



  1. that skirt is perfect (hi i'm on shopbop as we speak) and that is the most perfect powdery denim blue shirt ever. And your accessories are amazing as usual. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to steal this look :P

  2. Steal away, Xiao. The purpose of this blog is to allow me to share my inspiration. Besides, considering the number of products I've bought off your swatches, it would only be fair turnabout.

    I hope they still have the skirt in your size. The shirt is the "perfect shirt" by J. Crew, and I believe the color is Bright Hydrangea. In person, it's a solid French blue.

    It would be a kick if you could post your own version!


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