Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nails: Dior Silver Lake

Can I just say gorgeous?

When I saw it on the Beauty Look Book and Makeup Magpie, I knew Dior Silver Lake had to be mine. And in person it does not disappoint.

First, the color is stunning. It's made up of layers of silver, gunmetal gray, black, and even blue, lending a rich complexity to the look. Close up, tiny flecks of teal are visible. The overall color leans gray, black, or blue, depending on the lighting.

The texture also is intriguing: a cross between a shimmer and a glitter. The surface is not entirely smooth, but slightly rough like very fine sandpaper. It plays with light and shadow in remarkable ways.

Lastly, Silver Lake wears like rock. I have had it on for eight days straight, and my nails still look pristine. (The top coat is Zoya Anchor.) The credit goes to my nail technician, though.

In my eyes, Dior Silver Lake is the ultimate metallic gunmetal nail polish. That's right, Chanel Graphite, I'm calling you out.


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