Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is a poorly thought out experiment, conducted between a MacBook webcam and an iPhone camera. Though I am hoping to soon acquire a Canon, one of those proper big-ass cameras you carry around by cradling the zoom lens in your hand.

This is about adornment. This is about the carapace one individual builds, magpie-like out of shiny and silky objects, as a bulwark and a billboard.

If I'm lucky, in ten years I'll have developed something I can call my own style. In the meantime, I'm going to muddle along by talking about shoes and bags.

I remember every single outfit I have ever worn, and I rarely wear the same one twice. And I can tell you in detail the thought process that goes into each outfit.

I admire beautiful and mostly useless things, though I am not prejudiced against beautiful and useful things: for instance, a well-built shed.

Meet my blog. Meet me.

I made this video a couple of weeks ago as a lark while tinkering with iMovie for an online class assignment. I had just gotten a new ring, and wanted to see how signing with it felt.

I am a fan of proper big-ass rings, for how substantial and aristocratic they feel on my finger. I enjoy the little tug they exert at the end of each sign and gesture. This jasper ring is by Roberto Cavalli, scored on sale at Net-a-Porter.

Jasper is like the cooler older brother of turquoise.


*Note: Older posts are originally from the first version of this blog.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Givenchy Ode

Newsflash: This blogger has just acquired a Givenchy Nightingale at 50% off.

Givenchy Maxi Nightingale Tote from ssense.com
May it arrive every bit as beautiful as it looks online.

Ed. + 30 min.: And it sold out already. Good catch, girl.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Winter Wool Throwback

It's time for me to confess a bad habit of mine: I take dozens and sometimes hundreds of photos of my outfits on an almost daily basis, but rarely get around to selecting and editing them for inclusion on this blog.

Therefore, even though it is practically summer, I am going to reach into my backlog and pull out a favorite outfit. I wore this one to work after winter break, a la behold:

Top and tights: J. Crew. Skirt and booties: Anthropologie. Necklace: Jacquie Aiche.

This outfit revolves around a subdued yet creative mix of colors and textures. The skirt is by Cartonnier, and its hybrid pencil/A-line silhouette combined with the gather makes it immensely flattering.

The tights make or break the outfit. Getting dressed in the morning, I very nearly went with safe dark brown, but at the last minute switched to a deep plum color. Absolutely the right choice.

It's an elegant yet cozy outfit to teach in. Looking at it, I almost miss winter. Ah, but summer is full of possibilities.

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