Sunday, June 5, 2011

Winter Wool Throwback

It's time for me to confess a bad habit of mine: I take dozens and sometimes hundreds of photos of my outfits on an almost daily basis, but rarely get around to selecting and editing them for inclusion on this blog.

Therefore, even though it is practically summer, I am going to reach into my backlog and pull out a favorite outfit. I wore this one to work after winter break, a la behold:

Top and tights: J. Crew. Skirt and booties: Anthropologie. Necklace: Jacquie Aiche.

This outfit revolves around a subdued yet creative mix of colors and textures. The skirt is by Cartonnier, and its hybrid pencil/A-line silhouette combined with the gather makes it immensely flattering.

The tights make or break the outfit. Getting dressed in the morning, I very nearly went with safe dark brown, but at the last minute switched to a deep plum color. Absolutely the right choice.

It's an elegant yet cozy outfit to teach in. Looking at it, I almost miss winter. Ah, but summer is full of possibilities.


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