Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is a poorly thought out experiment, conducted between a MacBook webcam and an iPhone camera. Though I am hoping to soon acquire a Canon, one of those proper big-ass cameras you carry around by cradling the zoom lens in your hand.

This is about adornment. This is about the carapace one individual builds, magpie-like out of shiny and silky objects, as a bulwark and a billboard.

If I'm lucky, in ten years I'll have developed something I can call my own style. In the meantime, I'm going to muddle along by talking about shoes and bags.

I remember every single outfit I have ever worn, and I rarely wear the same one twice. And I can tell you in detail the thought process that goes into each outfit.

I admire beautiful and mostly useless things, though I am not prejudiced against beautiful and useful things: for instance, a well-built shed.

Meet my blog. Meet me.

I made this video a couple of weeks ago as a lark while tinkering with iMovie for an online class assignment. I had just gotten a new ring, and wanted to see how signing with it felt.

I am a fan of proper big-ass rings, for how substantial and aristocratic they feel on my finger. I enjoy the little tug they exert at the end of each sign and gesture. This jasper ring is by Roberto Cavalli, scored on sale at Net-a-Porter.

Jasper is like the cooler older brother of turquoise.


*Note: Older posts are originally from the first version of this blog.

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