Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Turquoise and Sombre Negra

The Super Bowl? Let's just blog about clothes. I pulled this outfit on last Sunday when I spent the afternoon lounging at the coffee shop.

The silk tunic, belted, is from Edun. I've been wearing more silk in winter ever since I figured out that it keeps you warm. The material drapes beautifully and has a fine matte finish, facts my poor webcam cannot do justice to.

Tunic: Edun. Jeans: AG Stevie. Boots: Belstaff. Belt: J. Crew.

I have a penchant for mixing brown boots with black clothes. I scored the last pair of these Belstaff boots from Net-a-Porter, and they were marvelous out of the box.

These are thoughtfully crafted boots. They've been given an antique and weathered patina that is darker in person than shown here. The shaft is actually made up of two flaps of leather, one folded over the other, so that the three buckles and one ankle strap are completely functional. Doing these boots up is a ritual in itself; at the end, my lower legs feel encased in the most substantial sense of the word. These are true traveler's boots, the sort you spend years tramping around in without a second thought precisely because they are so imperviously cool.

For a shot of color, I put on my turquoise ring from Sundance. The hue is so vibrant it almost looks fake. That's the best kind of turquoise. I also like the imperfect brown streak and the unexpected rectangular frame.

For a couple of hours, I sipped green tea and browsed Luckyscent on my iPhone. I could read descriptions of perfumes all day. It's my form of porn. In the end, I went with Sombre Negra by YOSH.

"The fragrance is at once omnipresent but ghostly, casting doubt and arousing intrigue. The emotional intensity of patchouli, vetiver and choya loban unearth deep mushroom notes, revealing sweet but unsentimental undertones of opoponax and tobacco. The diffused smokiness of pink and black pepper mingles with dry teak and cypress leaving an ephemeral illusion." Oh, crazy perfume text. You sound like the perfect thing to put on in the depths of winter. I can't wait to get you in the mail, then wear you with lots of black and brown.

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