Saturday, November 27, 2010

Score: Alexander Wang Frida Booties

This is an exciting time. I've been in love with these booties by Alexander Wang ever since I laid eyes on them somewhere online, and when Shopbop ran a promo this weekend I hit them like the barn was on fire. The icy cool embossing and wrapped suede heel are dynamite. I can only hope they do fit me.


I admire Alexander Wang's sleek yet approachable modernism. He takes classic pieces and makes them casually off-kilter. These booties are the perfect way to start my collection.

Please! Let them fit!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Outfit: Better Going Than Coming

What I threw on yesterday, when I was in a mood to mix and match and in general confuse people.

Shirt and bracelet: J. Crew. Pants: AG Stevie. Shoes: Madewell.
Scarf: DeNada. Hat: Velvet Lounge.

AG Stevies must be the most universally flattering pants in existence. They feel like butter, too. I rolled the cuffs up so that the top of the boots would show. I dig the resulting military-slash-streetwear effect. Black is the more obvious color, but it can be so harsh sometimes. Brown leather and faded olive twill make a muted, earthy combination.

Torso shot, with the Rhodie satchel from J. Crew. Yes, those are sequins on the shirt. I do feel bad about how many trends this outfit is hitting at once.

And a close up.

Cuffed ankles and silly striped socks.

I need to acquire more oversized winter scarves. I see girls wearing them every which way on Lookbook, and I want to be one of them. DeNada is a great brand. This particular style is called Knit Tassel, and it's made of a supersoft non-allergenic blend. It's like wearing a warm, cozy feather boa.

Now, I also want to get an oversized winter parka to wear with all those anticipated oversized winter scarves. But I wouldn't have worn one last night. Don't want to cover that tush up in those pants, oh no.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Outfit: Cozy, Masculine Neutrals

What I did upon coming home from work this afternoon: change into my laziest clothes; put on a cup of Earl Grey, just a spot of soy creamer, please and thank you; pop dinner into the oven; then sit down at my desk (marble-top antique from my great-grandmother) and hit all my favorite style blogs. Sip tea.

Ah. This may become a ritual. I drink nowhere near enough tea.

I also squeezed in some work (though, with the tea, it was more of a pleasant diversion) on the cast list for the school play. I'm this year's assistant director, and so far I'm enjoying the sense of being responsible for such a large-scale creative project.

Now, the outfit. I've been wanting to share my getup from last Monday. I took the day off and ended up relaxing at home and going on a grocery shopping bender. I love shopping for groceries -- I feel so accomplished at the end of the trip. It was a gorgeous cold day, too, with a washed-out sun in a steely gray winter sky, and the trees were showing their old grandeur toward the end of autumn, blooming and drooping in cascades of bronze and rust and orange and an extravagant, indescribable red. What to wear on such a day? I went with a tried and true fallback: menswear-inspired.

This month's Elle UK quotes a pair of editors on their own daily outfits: "I love an androgynous look and I don't do fussy. I usually find menswear a better fit for casual wear," and, "I find the men's styles most interesting: it's actually quite feminine and looks great on women." Yes.

Sweater and bag: J. Crew. Trousers: Madewell.
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell. Watch: Sundance.

I am somewhat addicted to neutrals, really. Strong neutrals, that is, such as browns. Often I will look down at my outfit and realize that I've built it around several different shades of neutrals. That's why I have the Rhodie satchel in black as my everyday bag: it provides an instant contrast.

The shoes are my beloved Jeffrey Campbell wingtip oxfords. They have just the right amount of pointy-ness, go with about anything, and the longer I wear them and the more beat-up they become, the better they look. I need to get them resoled soon.

All in all, a cozy outfit that still has a refined touch.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Charm: Ajiri Tea Artwork

This evening I did my weekly run to the local co-op, and found a new tea on the shelves.

Perhaps the most delightful aspect of this brand is the fact that each box is an individual piece of artwork. The labels are made from banana leaves cut into colorful shapes and carefully pasted onto the corrugated white background to create various village scenes. Running your fingers over the surface, you can feel every bump and snag. I don't think you can find two labels that are exactly alike.

Complete biography of the Ajiri Tea Company on back, accompanied by helpful map.

Even the tiny figures on the tea tags are completely precious.

And how does the tea actually taste? We shall have to find out soon.

Ajiri Tea and Ajiri Foundation


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Loot: Tassels and Teak

I have my packages delivered to my parents' because someone is always there to receive it. Through a conjunction of stars, when I visited home last Friday there were not three or four but five packages waiting for me. One of these went up to my waist. It contained the Tassels Away Boots from Anthropologie.

I can announce that I have found one more pair of boots that does at least a decent approximation of meeting my skinny calves. As soon as I read a review complaining that the shaft was too narrow, I hit the checkout button. In the one week since, nearly all sizes have sold out. I'm a nine.

These boots caught my eye when they first appeared on the website, thanks to the unusual flare at the ankle. The back especially is darling.

I was unsure, though, of how the boot would look in person, until I saw the model shots.


The boots look surprisingly elegant and delicate, and even with the flare the ankle still is slimming. I especially liked how the color was able to go with black in the second photo. (Although I can now say that while the boots are built beautifully, cycling in them is out of the question.) The styling along with the review convinced me to bite.

Trying them on, I found the boots to be the perfect balance of sturdy and slender. The shaft is soft while the foot and heel are stiff. There is no annoying wiggle room at all. Here is how they looked on my first wearing:

Forgive the mess. My parents' house is under perpetual remodeling, and we haven't installed my new closet doors yet. I test-walked the boots at Trader Joe's and the bookstore, and since it was chilly I popped on my favorite hat.

These are my first pair of heeled boots, also. I can now rest content. Until I decide I need an eighth pair of boots.


Yesterday I said I'd present a closer look at this statement neckpiece. It's the Teak Web Necklace from Anthropologie.

It has sold out already. It's a terrific, show-stopping necklace. It does look odd just lying there in the photo, and I picked it up only because it went on sale and the reviews all were glowing. Once I saw it in person, I fell in love. It's dramatic yet playful, a breath of fresh air.

Description: A chunky statement strand spun of agate, jasper, moonstone, cat's eye and gracefully handcarved slabs of wood. By Pam Hiran.

Yesterday, virtually every co-worker who saw me remarked on and complimented my necklace. Fabulous. Even if I did forget to remove the tag in these close-ups:


Monday, November 8, 2010

Outfit: Caramel, Chocolate, and Olive

Today's work outfit.

Shirt: Gap. Pants: Madewell. Shoes and necklace: Anthro. Belt: J. Crew.

This combination was so much fun to wear. The softness of the oversized blouse (actually a tunic tucked in) is offset by the masculinity of the high-waisted trousers, the braided leather belt, and, of course, the fabulous chocolate booties by Schuler & Sons.

These are the sold-out Times Three Booties that netted something like fifty reviews on the Anthro website. I very nearly missed these myself: I had to call customer service twice and finally a store in Houston in order to track my size down. Every minute and dollar was worth it. They fit beautifully and are so flattering.

When it got chilly, I threw on the Abbraccio cardigan by J. Crew.

Just the right combination of sharp and slouchy. Lastly, the necklace adds an unpredictable element. A white blouse is meant to be worn with a statement neckpiece, and this one certainly fit the bill. I'll do a feature on it tomorrow. For now, though,


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Outfit: Citrine, Cinched, Corduroy

Meet one of my outfits, why don't you? I wore this number to work last Tuesday.

Dress, shoes, belt: Anthropologie. Turtleneck, tights: J. Crew.

Alternative views:

Closer up:

This is a lovely thing to wear on a chilly November day. The navy corduroy dress and gray rib-wool tights form the right textural backdrop for the taupe leather heels and the apricot-colored cotton turtleneck. The brown leather belt (by Linea Pelle, one of my very first purchases from Anthro) cinches the whole look together. Then there's the pop of color:

Getting dressed that morning, actually, I looked at my jewelry collection and concluded mournfully that I had no necklace to wear with this dress. Walking home that afternoon, I passed by Yaneth Reyes' jewelry shop on Market St. and remembered the dramatic citrine necklace I'd seen last weekend. I promptly stepped through the door and bought it.

Focus on:

The silver-studded hardwood ring is from Sundance, and it's fast becoming my favorite go-to item. Large chunky rings are my weakness, but some of them can be too obnoxious for everyday wear. This ring with its organic feel sidesteps that problem; I like to pair it with oversized knit sweaters.

Back to the dress: it's the popular Refined Cord Shirtdress from Anthro. It's tailored well, though I wish the hem were a bit longer.

 The shoes are Anticipation Heels by Miss Albright. The color is a grayish taupe, and the construction sturdy. Their unusual, eye-catching style garnered several compliments immediately.

All in all, a charming outfit with precise little touches.

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