Saturday, November 20, 2010

Outfit: Better Going Than Coming

What I threw on yesterday, when I was in a mood to mix and match and in general confuse people.

Shirt and bracelet: J. Crew. Pants: AG Stevie. Shoes: Madewell.
Scarf: DeNada. Hat: Velvet Lounge.

AG Stevies must be the most universally flattering pants in existence. They feel like butter, too. I rolled the cuffs up so that the top of the boots would show. I dig the resulting military-slash-streetwear effect. Black is the more obvious color, but it can be so harsh sometimes. Brown leather and faded olive twill make a muted, earthy combination.

Torso shot, with the Rhodie satchel from J. Crew. Yes, those are sequins on the shirt. I do feel bad about how many trends this outfit is hitting at once.

And a close up.

Cuffed ankles and silly striped socks.

I need to acquire more oversized winter scarves. I see girls wearing them every which way on Lookbook, and I want to be one of them. DeNada is a great brand. This particular style is called Knit Tassel, and it's made of a supersoft non-allergenic blend. It's like wearing a warm, cozy feather boa.

Now, I also want to get an oversized winter parka to wear with all those anticipated oversized winter scarves. But I wouldn't have worn one last night. Don't want to cover that tush up in those pants, oh no.


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