Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Outfit: Cozy, Masculine Neutrals

What I did upon coming home from work this afternoon: change into my laziest clothes; put on a cup of Earl Grey, just a spot of soy creamer, please and thank you; pop dinner into the oven; then sit down at my desk (marble-top antique from my great-grandmother) and hit all my favorite style blogs. Sip tea.

Ah. This may become a ritual. I drink nowhere near enough tea.

I also squeezed in some work (though, with the tea, it was more of a pleasant diversion) on the cast list for the school play. I'm this year's assistant director, and so far I'm enjoying the sense of being responsible for such a large-scale creative project.

Now, the outfit. I've been wanting to share my getup from last Monday. I took the day off and ended up relaxing at home and going on a grocery shopping bender. I love shopping for groceries -- I feel so accomplished at the end of the trip. It was a gorgeous cold day, too, with a washed-out sun in a steely gray winter sky, and the trees were showing their old grandeur toward the end of autumn, blooming and drooping in cascades of bronze and rust and orange and an extravagant, indescribable red. What to wear on such a day? I went with a tried and true fallback: menswear-inspired.

This month's Elle UK quotes a pair of editors on their own daily outfits: "I love an androgynous look and I don't do fussy. I usually find menswear a better fit for casual wear," and, "I find the men's styles most interesting: it's actually quite feminine and looks great on women." Yes.

Sweater and bag: J. Crew. Trousers: Madewell.
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell. Watch: Sundance.

I am somewhat addicted to neutrals, really. Strong neutrals, that is, such as browns. Often I will look down at my outfit and realize that I've built it around several different shades of neutrals. That's why I have the Rhodie satchel in black as my everyday bag: it provides an instant contrast.

The shoes are my beloved Jeffrey Campbell wingtip oxfords. They have just the right amount of pointy-ness, go with about anything, and the longer I wear them and the more beat-up they become, the better they look. I need to get them resoled soon.

All in all, a cozy outfit that still has a refined touch.


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