Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Loot: Tassels and Teak

I have my packages delivered to my parents' because someone is always there to receive it. Through a conjunction of stars, when I visited home last Friday there were not three or four but five packages waiting for me. One of these went up to my waist. It contained the Tassels Away Boots from Anthropologie.

I can announce that I have found one more pair of boots that does at least a decent approximation of meeting my skinny calves. As soon as I read a review complaining that the shaft was too narrow, I hit the checkout button. In the one week since, nearly all sizes have sold out. I'm a nine.

These boots caught my eye when they first appeared on the website, thanks to the unusual flare at the ankle. The back especially is darling.

I was unsure, though, of how the boot would look in person, until I saw the model shots.


The boots look surprisingly elegant and delicate, and even with the flare the ankle still is slimming. I especially liked how the color was able to go with black in the second photo. (Although I can now say that while the boots are built beautifully, cycling in them is out of the question.) The styling along with the review convinced me to bite.

Trying them on, I found the boots to be the perfect balance of sturdy and slender. The shaft is soft while the foot and heel are stiff. There is no annoying wiggle room at all. Here is how they looked on my first wearing:

Forgive the mess. My parents' house is under perpetual remodeling, and we haven't installed my new closet doors yet. I test-walked the boots at Trader Joe's and the bookstore, and since it was chilly I popped on my favorite hat.

These are my first pair of heeled boots, also. I can now rest content. Until I decide I need an eighth pair of boots.


Yesterday I said I'd present a closer look at this statement neckpiece. It's the Teak Web Necklace from Anthropologie.

It has sold out already. It's a terrific, show-stopping necklace. It does look odd just lying there in the photo, and I picked it up only because it went on sale and the reviews all were glowing. Once I saw it in person, I fell in love. It's dramatic yet playful, a breath of fresh air.

Description: A chunky statement strand spun of agate, jasper, moonstone, cat's eye and gracefully handcarved slabs of wood. By Pam Hiran.

Yesterday, virtually every co-worker who saw me remarked on and complimented my necklace. Fabulous. Even if I did forget to remove the tag in these close-ups:


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