Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Box That Is Of a Kind

One of the aspects of shopping online that appeals to me the most is the anticipation of the delivery, the opening of the package, the tactile explosion of things seen and touched in person for the first time. Most companies are rather ho-drum in their packaging, but for every ten boring boxes there is one that is truly charming.

Case in point, Of a Kind. The premise is ingenious: each week, a different designer is hand-picked to create a limited edition release, available only through the website. The edition is accompanied online by crisp photography and a complete description of the process that went into making the edition; blog posts give a glimpse into the designer's life and thoughts. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the designer, and no edition numbers more than fifty pieces. It's hard to get further away from mass production than that.

This week I took advantage of the site's 25% discount code (SUMMEROFAKIND, expires tomorrow) and scooped up three pieces I had fallen in love with the moment they came out. Two hours after placing the order, I got an e-mail saying my order had been filled and the package was on its way to me already. No joke. It turned up on my doorstep this morning, a squat almost square box.

I love square boxes. Opening this one felt like Christmas morning.

I go by Leigh, but my first name really is Kimberly. Echh.
Just look at these certificates of authenticity. They're luggage tags.

Even the ribbon is personalized.

Each piece turned out to be as gorgeous as advertised. Quickly:

Pyrite Pyramid Necklace by Sophie Monet

Misfire Ring by TOMTOM

Orion Tunic by Ann Yee

My dinky iPhone camera does not handle black or sheer materials well, so I'll just leave it up to a professional.

Spectacular craftsmanship, all around. I'm going to wear each piece with the knowledge that probably no one else in town or even the entire state has a copy. Tomorrow's the last day to use the SUMMEROFAKIND code to get 25% off the entire purchase, so if you're reading this (and lurking, shame on you) then you may want to get on it.


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