Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lips: Dior Ara Red

Just looking at Dior Ara Red in the tube makes your heart race faster. It is an intense, saturated crimson. It is exuberant. On the lips, it absolutely lights up your face.

Ara Red leans orange, but still reads as red; it actually brings out the green and gold in my eyes. Because it contains no blue tones, it doesn't highlight any redness your skin may have. I found I could wear Ara Red even with a fairly bare face. This is a very daring, modern look for daytime. If I'd had more time, I would've pulled my hair up in a bun and put over cigarette jeans a crisp boyfriend blazer with the sleeves rolled up.

Dior has one of the best lipstick formulations around: smooth, creamy, moisturizing, lasting. The textured, lacquered case feels good in the hand, too. These photos are from yesterday, when I was in a hurry to get to my nail salon appointment on time, and the result still looks great. The only drawback is the blunt corners, which make it difficult for me to navigate tight spots.

Messy Wands is right: this is a Great Red. She classifies it as an orange-red, though, while to my eye it appears to be a proper red with an orange undertone. It's a very unique shade, seductive but not vampy. Put Dior Ara Red on your lips, and you will walk down the street with a bit of flair in your step. Like Messy Wands says again, it's the Karlie Kloss color. (Cafe Makeup has more swatches and some interesting background.)

Dior Ara Red is dynamite.


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