Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pink Piano and Blues

Design extends to all aspects of my life. There is, for instance, the vase on my kitchen table. On my way home from work I like to browse En Masse, this eclectic tiny flower shop on Market Street in Frederick. The place always has the most interesting selection, much of it local or organic. From these I have made my own bouquets from scratch. This one from last summer was particularly effortless.

Composition: pink piano garden roses and local blue hydrangeas.

Both the pink and blue were so deep and vivid, I simply had to juxtapose them.

I love taking the flowers home, and laying them out. Capricious nature meets the orderly vision of my mind's eye. Next I have my sights set on a white winter arrangement.

I have been unable to decide which I enjoy most: the product or the process.


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