Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nails: Dior Or Divin

I have too many Jewish, atheist, and pagan friends not to feel a twinge of guilt wishing folks a Merry Christmas. So let's go with the safe Happy Holidays route here, and move on.

What's more festive than gold nails? Dior Or Divin is quite possibly the classiest gold nail polish you can achieve.

We've all seen gold jewelry that looks too brassy or coppery, and whispered to our girlfriends, "That's gotta be fake." It's the same with nails. Too orange or metallic, and you just look tacky. Continuing (or abusing) the analogy, Or Divin is 24k gold. Dior has given us a gold nail polish that is a delicate, cool yellow. Close up, teal flecks are visible. The finish is shimmery rather than sparkly. As both Temptalia and A La Peach point out, this particular gold polish is very wearable by cooler complexions.

Application leaves something to be desired, but that is to be expected with such a difficult gold. The polish goes on very uneven and streaky, and two coats are semi-opaque. On the other hand, the shimmer does help camouflage most imperfections. Or Divin lasted about five days on me before it began to chip.

My favorite aspect of Or Divin is how it mutates in different lighting. Under cool lighting, it has a pale sheen. In direct sunlight, it flashes pure white. It also can become almost translucent.

I was going out one night with Or Divin on my nails, and I had the hardest time deciding on what jewelry to wear. Finally it hit me that my gold nails were all the jewelry I needed. Exquisite! Nevertheless, as lovely as Or Divin is, my preference leans toward silver metallics like Dior Silver Lake. I also found Or Divin a bit tricky to wear during the daytime, as it simply clashed with my more casual clothes.

An elegant cool gold, Dior Or Divin is ideal for that special date or holiday party.


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