Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Splendid Frost Kaleidoscope or, Christmas Came Early

What's even better than new Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscopes? Vintage kaleidoscopes, of course. Thanks to Messy Wands who unearthed a cache of discontinued gems, Splendid Frost soon will be the newest addition to my burgeoning collection. I can't wait to wear this treasure to holiday parties.

This may be a good occasion to share my kaleidoscope collection. It is modest, but growing rapidly. Most of these posts are accompanied by eye looks and tutorials.

Come One, Come All
Oscar de la Renta
Silk Road

And then there is Antiquite Poupee, created by Dustin Lujan. It is absolutely beautiful. The shades look almost patinated with age.

Le Metier de Beaute's textures and pigmentation are unparalleled. Some of the kaleidoscopes can be tricky to find, but isn't that part of the thrill of the hunt? In the end you feel like you possess something truly special.



  1. so excited so excited! You must tell me what you think as soon as you get it :D

  2. Xiao, you're the fairy godmother of LMdB! You are the first person I will contact after I open the box and take in the (surely) incredible colors. Hope it arrives soon!

  3. Xiao, they overnighted it! I tore open the box, and pulled out each shade one by one. The taupe and pink are beautiful, but the final purple-blue one is INCREDIBLE. It has the most extraordinary shimmer that I've never seen in any eyeshadow before, ever. I understand now why this is your favorite kaleidoscope. Thanks for yelling at me to get it. I'm dying to wear it!

  4. Awesome them for overnighting it! I told youuuu :)


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