Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lips: Dior Versailles

I love the gold in Dior's Holiday 2011 collection. Everything is infused with a rich, pure, pale yellow gold that never turns brassy or shrill. The lipsticks, for instance, contain a very fine golden powder that adds a layer of incredible shimmer. Dior Versailles employs this effect beautifully.

Versailles is a pink-peach-coral with an almost frosty finish. I don't have anything in my collection remotely close to it. At first glance this may seem a relatively subdued shade, but on the lips it's a pop of color that brightens up the face.

For comparison, here are my lips with no color on. Ack! As you can see, Versailles adds quite a bit of color and warmth, but still is wearable by cool-toned girls like myself.

Naked lips!

Application is absolutely effortless; you barely need a mirror. Because of this, I don't mind too much the fact that Versailles doesn't last as long as some of the other Dior lipsticks. Eating pretty much wipes out this color, but you can reapply in a flash.

Nails: Dior Or Divin, naturally.

As Best Things in Beauty says, Versailles is a wonderful fall/winter lip to wear with purple-toned clothing. You can wear it during the day or out to a fancy dinner: it's a sophisticated but inviting color. I can see why Dior named it Versailles, as something about the opulent sun-worn pink-peach reminds me of Marie Antoinette walking the gilded halls of the palace in the late afternoon.

Temptalia declares Dior Versailles one of her favorite coral lipsticks. I second her. It's a simply beautiful, unique lipstick.


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