Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nails: Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War

To think that Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War wasn't even on my want list. I picked it up only because it had come back into stock along with Sheer Nude, and I felt guilty spending shipping on one bottle of nail polish.

The name is misleading. "No More War" evokes associations with camo green, when the color is in reality a deep, muted, earthy olive green.

There is a heavy brown undertone, which I suspect is causing my nails to skew slightly less green in these photos than they do in real life. Be assured that the color is distinctly green to the naked eye. The brown does make No More War much more wearable than it may seem in the bottle.

Temptalia has beautiful swatches, while Polish Police does a good job of showing the balance between green and brown. No More War appears brighter in their swatches than it does in mine, but the shade does wear rather dark on me most of the time. After all, for most of the day you're not training a light on your nails directly.

The formula is slightly jelly-like, and the finish catches the light in a squishy sort of way. Two coats rolled on perfectly to achieve a smooth and opaque manicure. My nail technician was in ecstasies over this bottle and asked me where I got it. The next day, my high school students complimented me on the color. I can see why teenagers would like this funky shade.

Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War is a very unique color for a polish. Factor in the excellent finish and wear time, and this is one polish you need to grab before it sells out again (edited: too late, I must have gotten lucky). Now if only they would restock Diddy Mow.


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