Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lips: NARS Mayflower

Yesterday I said NARS Funny Face was the first swatch I posted. It wasn't the first swatch I took, however. That honor goes to NARS Mayflower.

Something you need to know about me first. I am a dramatic lipstick sort of gal. Nudes and pinks leave me unmoved while I salivate over difficult orange-reds and impractical fuchsias. Yet Mayflower was one of the first lipsticks I picked up from NARS (after, true to form, Heat Wave and Schiap). Being a history geek, I chose it more for its name than its color, but I turned out to be pleasantly surprised.

Mayflower is a pretty, girlish, and easy but not shallow, pink: it has hints of mauve and loads of gold shimmer. Because the color is so subtle, it can be repurposed as a nude. At the same time, the gold flecks warm up the lips and light up the face. Sheer and unfussy, Mayflower is the quintessential lipstick for spring and summer.

One especially lovely feature of NARS Mayflower is the gorgeous, fresh sheen it lends to the lips. It's best seen in natural lighting, as below:

This second close-up, taken in partial shade, also demonstrates the blue-leaning cool pinkness of Mayflower. The gold shimmer works as a counterbalance, making this lipstick a very versatile color. On me, it's nearly MLBB.

In my book, most nudes and pinks are boring. NARS Mayflower, on the other hand, most certainly is not.


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