Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Modern Dickens

My best outfits usually come to me all at once, in a gestalt. With this one, I can't say which came first: the booties, the shirt, the skirt, or even the belt. All the elements just work together, and showcase perfectly my love of textures, muted colors, and a sartorial sense of humor.

Everything: J. Crew.
My faithful and overworked webcam cannot convey the highlight that pulls the outfit together and elevates it into Dickensian realms. For that, I had to resort to a close-up with my iPhone.

Olive green canvas, black leather, crepe soles, and Victorian-style lacing . . . These booties by J. Crew are an unexpected delight. I paired them with dark brown tights. Since I had on a simple black pencil skirt, I added texture with a selvedge chambray shirt and popped a dash of color via a butterscotch-tan patent leather belt. (That's Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War on my nails.)

For whatever reason, I'm drawn to creating outfits that are a pastiche of at least a couple of eras and finished with a modern twist. This one is absolutely no exception. It's just on the right side of over the top themed, and I was able to wear it to work -- and garner compliments.

This last shot in the full-length mirror may give a better idea of how the booties work with the clothes.

A jolly good effort on my part, don't you think?



  1. Those boots are amazing!!! You have such great style!


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