Saturday, March 26, 2011

Camo Blocking

With black tights, you have three choices: 1.) intensify them by adding blacks and/or neutrals, 2.) ignore them, or 3.) deliberately play off them with unexpected combinations. Yesterday's elegant opera house ensemble took the first path; today's post follows the third.

Dress: Anthropologie. Shoes: Coclico. Bag and tights: J. Crew.

I turned up to work in this a few weeks ago when I wanted to play with ideas of prettiness and toughness. The shirtdress is a medium-weight silk, which feminizes its military influence. I especially love the insouciant drape of the yoke across the back.

Black and olive go together well, though, so the unexpected combination I'm talking about lies in the choice of footwear.

Navy and black! One of my favorite style rules to break. These Coclico leather heels have chic cutouts and a peep-toe, and fit a glove. (Alas, they have zero support.) This iPhone shot may show the head-to-toe effect better than my webcam can capture:

A single accessory can pull together and finish an entire look, and I think that happens here with the wrist band. Handmade from reclaimed leather, it's from The Muse in downtown Frederick.

That little pop of tan is what ties the black, olive, and navy together into one understated but clever package.

Tie it off with a messy side braid, and you're good.


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