Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tartan, Not a Tart

I have a mug of hot cocoa next to me, and half an hour ago I took some melatonin. I'm going to be out like a light tonight. I need the deep sleep. Tomorrow is the first day of the second semester. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to wear. Normally, I like to mark first days with a classic schoolteacher uniform so elaborate and precise that it's almost self-referential. Tomorrow's forecast, however, is below freezing and I am not masochistic enough to wear a pencil skirt and tights in that weather. Unlike last Wednesday, when I celebrated our return to school after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and a snow day with a cute tartan ensemble.

Shirt: Gap. Skirt: Anthro. Shoes: Banana Republic. Tights: J. Crew.

The skirt is from Plenty by Tracy Reese, and it is fabulously waist-shrinking, hip-enhancing, and leg-lengthening. The plaid wool plays nicely off the forest green suede of the round-toe pumps, while the tights are a dark brown and the blouse is a cream. I turned the bow into a skinny tie instead. Dressed like such a schoolteacher-secretary cliche, I couldn't resist hamming it up:

Definitely one of my Top 10 Work Outfits. It's just fun to wear. Now, I have to go and lay out something for tomorrow, then dive under the covers and sleep, sleep, sleep.


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