Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Linen and Leather

Today, I decided to throw on my new Edun pullover. It's a cotton-linen blend, but the weave is thick enough to make it wearable indoors even in winter. After spending yesterday in my massive Vince cowlneck sweater, in any case, I want something lighter today. This pullover is part of my first purchase from Edun, and I'm satisfied. The fabric and cut are of good quality, yet still retains an organic, of-the-earth feel. The material drapes like a dream. The color is, well, I can only describe it as linen-colored. I played with this fact by photographing in natural light from the window (the snow outside acts as a great reflector) and giving the pictures an antique tint.

My last haircut was two Christmases ago.

The leather cuff is handmade, and from The Muse in downtown Frederick. The necklace has a leather tassel as well.

The pullover is still on sale in all sizes at the Edun website. Now I'm going to get back to enjoying the snow.


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