Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boots, Interpreted

I went with a rather uninspiring outfit for the first day of the new semester. (It's hard to get excited about corduroy.) So I decided to compensate by building my Tuesday outfit around a single strong item. Only one option came to mind: over-the-knee black boots.

Dixon over-the-knee boots from J. Crew, these are crafted from superb oiled suede. The rich patina and flared top pulls this pair away from the streetwalker vibe that high black boots are so prone to and toward instead a old-world, Elizabethan feel. They're elegant and swashbuckling at the same time.

Very apropos, since my AP Lit class is beginning a unit on Shakespeare. I took the bard concept further and paired the boots with a flowing ice-gray silk tunic from Ever.

Remove the top, and you get an entirely different look: something Trinity from The Matrix wouldn't look out of place in.

There is very little a fine pair of black leggings cannot do.


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