Monday, April 9, 2012

Unwrapping TATCHA Skincare

I started writing about TATCHA because I couldn't find a comprehensive review of the geisha-inspired skincare line. And if I had searched for a review, I reasoned, then there must be other individuals out there searching as well. Wanting to close the gap, I sent for the sampler kit and put up my review. Essentially, I rolled up my review, put it in a bottle, and tossed it onto the ocean of the World Wide Web.

To my surprise, the CEO of TATCHA herself, Victoria Tsai, found my posts and reached out to me. She signs her e-mails "Vicky" and "Founder," which encapsulates perfectly her business philosophy: professional yet personal. If you follow her on Twitter, where she recently put up beautiful pictures of her research trip to Kyoto, you can see that she genuinely cares about both her brand and her customers.

In my review, I had mentioned that redness was one of my primary concerns. Victoria Tsai e-mailed me an article on inflammation, in which a certified dermatologist recommended antioxidants, and especially green tea, as an effective countermeasure. Victoria then explained, "In a clinical study, we have found that women see a marked reduction in redness after 1-2 months of use and it's because of the anti-oxidants (green tea) + abrasion-free exfoliation." This is promising.

I would have been honored to receive the e-mails alone from the CEO of a beauty company I admire, but Victoria went on to send me a token of appreciation as well: a full-size jar of the Moisture Rich Silk Cream. (My first freebie as a beauty/style blogger! Disclaimer: no affiliation, no profit, no influence, yay.) I got to see once again how thoughtfully she has worked out every detail of her line. Opening this package was like unwrapping a gift of many delicate layers. Shall I show you?

A beautiful card with a handwritten message from Victoria Tsai inside, wishing me exquisite skin.

The box resembles mahogany wood, and the logo is in gold foil. On the sides are the ingredient list and the product description. It opens from the side, and accordions out into a exquisite interior. The passage on the inside explains the concept and history behind the line.

Wrapped in a strip of printed rice paper is the jar itself.

The bow holding the little spoon is utterly charming, and practical as well. But that's not all. On the inside of the rice paper "scroll" is a note from the CEO.

Have you ever seen a skincare product so intricately designed and packaged? I've said this before, and I'll say it again: TATCHA gets luxury and customer service right. That is rare.



  1. What a great gift! I can't wait to try Tatcha's skin care line. I've been using Tatcha's blotting sheets for a couple years now and love them.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I love the blotting sheets, too; I have not gone a day without them for more than a year now. Once you do try the skin care, let me know what you think of it!

  3. I'll do that! By the way, if there's an Urban Outfitters near you, drop in to see if they have the Tatcha blotting sheets. I bought 12 packs for $4.99 each a couple of weeks ago at the DC Chinatown store where they were being closed out.

  4. That's an insane price! Thanks for the tip, Ava.


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