Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Le Metier de Beaute On the Coast Kaleidoscope, Swatched and Layered

Even with my own eyes, I cannot believe how stunningly beautiful Le Metier de Beaute On the Coast Kaleidoscope is. Created exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue, this palette of three neutrals and one blue is perfection.

As soon as you open the kaleidoscope up, you know that this is a special one. In the pan, the shades are muted yet rich. You can see their promise. In the sun, they come alive. 

Swatched, from top to bottom.

Each shade shimmers in the sunlight, and at an angle you can see the sheen, especially in the second shade. Oh, what a taupe!

In the shade, the shades turn matte but deepen in color.

I also layered all four shades together, starting with the top and ending with the blue. The result is a lovely, multi-dimensional violet.

Once more, with all five swatches.

Le Metier de Beaute On the Coast Kaleidoscope for Saks is a treasure. If you have a chance to acquire this, don't hesitate.

Update: Now you can see it on my eyes!



  1. mm pretty. wonder how it looks on the eyes.

  2. I got mine today, too, thanks to your notice! I tried it on when I got home in the afternoon, and it was love at first swipe. Definitely my new favorite go-to look.

  3. Beautiful colors! Mine arrived today as well. Can't wait to play with it. Such versatile colors.

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the swatches. Mine is arriving on Friday (seems like a lifetime away).

  5. First Anonymous - It's so pretty, isn't it? I'll try to do an eye look this weekend.

    Second Anonymous - I'm pleased to hear I could help you snag such a beautiful palette!

    cogitationproject - I'm glad that you were able to get one after all. You'll love playing with the colors; their simplicity is so elegant.

    mile.epatant - My pleasure. You'll fall in love once you open the box up.

  6. Looks lovely. Thanks for the beautiful swatches, but I'm curious if the first shade in this On the Coast Kaleidoscope is the same as the first shade in the Cherry Blossom K.? Or are they slightly different?
    x Naomi

  7. Naomi, I'll take a look at it this week, and let you know in a new post!

  8. Thank you. That LMdB Golden Gate Girl looks divine on you. I really love the warm pink theme you put together, you look gorgeous!
    x Naomi


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