Saturday, April 21, 2012

On the Coast Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Now on Saks

Thank goodness for my late-night browsing sessions. If you're a fan of Le Metier de Beaute, then you know that three exclusive new kaleidoscopes are being released in honor of the brand's arrival at Saks Fifth Avenue. The beautiful Le Metier de Beaute On the Coast Eye Kaleidoscope is an online exclusive, and sources were reporting that it wouldn't be released until this Monday. Beauty bloggers were getting heartburn over the prospect. Half an hour ago, I was sitting at the computer in my pajamas, and decided to scope out the Saks website ahead of the release date.

Imagine my surprise when I found On the Coast looking back at me on the screen, ready for the taking.

Using my kendo reflexes, I hit that order button. The palette sounds completely beautiful. The four shades are described as an effervescent beige champagne, a shimmering tan-taupe, a soft satin brown, and a deep champagne cobalt. Such a dream! And now I can sleep like a baby on Sunday night.

Update 4/22: It looks like the kaleidoscope (only 60 units) sold out sometime this morning. People are understandably upset. If Saks and Le Metier de Beaute have any sense at all, they'll do a second run. I'm calling this "Coastgate."

Update 4/23: Le Metier de Beaute is making amends and creating more On the Coast kaleidoscopes to be ordered through The announcement can be found on the former's Facebook wall. Coastgate averted!

Update 4/25: All of that drama was worth it. In person, On the Coast is delicate and beautiful. See my swatches.



  1. How awesome are you!? Thanks for your heads up. I just scored the kaleidoscope and used the lemetier2 promo code for their feeble palette gwp.

    1. darn, not feeble. Freebie. Stupid autocorrect!

  2. I try, Jane. ;-) Grats on getting one, and I hope you love it. The Bora Bora GWP sounds lovely, though I missed it. I wasn't going to waste another second looking around the site before hitting order!


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