Monday, April 23, 2012

My Perfect Jeans, Styled

The other night, I declared to Messy Wands that I'm the Batman of online shopping. She concurred. While there have been some great heartbreaks, for the most part I manage to snag great deals on the last of anything in my size. This is a combination of luck and hard work: I stalk sites, run multiple Google search phrases, and sometimes even give up my weekly cup of Starbucks.

Tonight I thought I'd write a post on my favorite pair of jeans, and Googled up stock photos. This is how I discovered that these same jeans are still available on one site, and at 62% off to boot. Singer22 has the Vintage1 Serena Motorcycle Jeans in Speed Wash in sizes 24, 26, 27, and 28 for $79.

You're probably wondering why I chose motorcycle jeans as my perfect jeans. It's because I find this particular pair of jeans so incredibly versatile. Yes, I have sleek skinny jeans, and I have grungy boyfriend jeans, but when I want that magic in-between, I go for these jeans with their intricate detailing.

This and next two images from Free People.
These have only 2% Lycra, so there's not much stretch; the fabric is thick and wrinkles beautifully. The waist is nearly the same width as the hips, which means they hang off my waist in that slouchy-cool way. (Some sites recommend sizing up. I find that my regular size fits me fine, but I have slight curves.) The leg is skinny but not form-hugging, and the zippered ankle means you can wear these pants with absolutely any type of footwear: boots, heels, flats, sneakers, and even Oxfords as I like to do so.

I find that I really can wear these jeans with anything. My style is about juxtaposition, anyway, so I love to pair these jeans with nicer tops and shoes, whether delicate or chunky. This one is with a Joseph sweater and Belstaff boots.

In person my jeans are much darker than the catalog photos seem to show, but I ordered mine from Free People (on sale, last pair in my size, several years ago) and it's the same Speed wash. Below, I'm wearing the jeans with Jeffrey Campbell Oxfords and a boyfriend blazer from J. Crew.

Here, I switched the blazer out for a leather jacket from Banana Republic, and threw over it a scarf from J. Crew. The wool beret is from Velvet Lounge in downtown Frederick.

Now do you see why this pair is my favorite? Give these motorcycle jeans a try. You may be pleasantly surprised by what they add to your wardrobe.


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