Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yellow Folds (Yes, That Proenza Schouler Skirt)

It is always a special day when I bring this Proenza Schouler skirt out. The folding is so inventive, and every angle reveals a different look.

Skirt: Proenza Schouler. Shirt and belt: J. Crew. Sandals: Anthropologie.
Normally I like to drown my outfits in commentary, but in this case words would add nothing. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

The skirt is a thick yet light wool, and the fit is slouchy. These photos mute the color somewhat; in reality it's a bright pale mustard yellow. Running along the edges are thick seams, and the slit goes all the way up to mid-thigh.

I love to wear this skirt with patterned heels and chunky wedges, but today I went with my favorite leather sandals from Anthropologie. Gladiator-style with an unique pointed toe and a wooden sole, they attach in the front via a latch-and-button system. The footbed is contoured to fit your curves, so that I can tramp around in them all day. In fact, I've been tramping around in these things for five years.

Today was a typical April day, not quite warm and not quite cool (or simultaneously warm and cool). This outfit is perfectly balanced for such a day.


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