Saturday, March 24, 2012

From TATCHA Skincare, with Love

Best Things in Beauty is currently hosting a forum on beauty samples and their usefulness or lack thereof; one point that hit me was that single-serving skin care packets give a user nearly no information on a product's performance or suitability, since our skin requires a regimen. As things would have it, I've just opened my box of samples from TATCHA, and I think the company has solved the sample issue brilliantly.

Recently I featured TATCHA's new skincare line, and pointed out that they offer a deluxe sample set for $49. When they say deluxe, they mean deluxe.

Unwrapping purple paper, you find a sachet made from elegant rice paper and a beautiful booklet.

Inside the sachet is a surfeit of goodies. The packet of blotting papers alone normally costs $12. And the containers are so generously sized.

Really, these are travel-sized. If I decide to get the full-sized containers, I still would order extra sample sets for traveling with. Speaking of full-sized, the package also arrived with a beautiful rice-paper envelope containing a personalized letter with all the information I could need, including a customer service number.

At the bottom of the letter, the CEO of TATCHA had thoughtfully handwritten a note with a code for 15% off any full-sized item should I choose to purchase one. Now that's service!

Skincare shouldn't be just an obligation, but a luxury. TATCHA has this down cold. More high-end beauty companies could afford to follow its example.

Update: My review of the line is now up!


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  1. Good morning. I am glad to have found this review as I'd love to try these products. Did the sampler set have a full list of ingredients? I ask because my skin flares up at the smallest thing and I noticed that the exfoliating powders are supposed to lather a little? So I was wondering what was in them that makes them do this.
    Thank you.


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