Thursday, March 22, 2012

RC Apothecary Grand Opening & Scotch Naturals Vignette

Another bit of local news: tomorrow evening, RC Apothecary is holding its grand opening.

Located inside vintage home and modern apparel shop Silk & Burlap, RC Apothecary consists of a glass counter stuffed with Paul & Joe makeup, and a wall cabinet overflowing with skincare and body products, one brand being Persephenie. There is also the cutest Scotch Naturals display.

I had heard of this non-toxic line, but online photos do the colors no justice. In person, the miniature bottles are like vibrant gems. The design is clean, simple, and smart.

I wanted to take home the entire collection, but contented myself with just three. From left to right, To Hell with Swords & Garter (what a name!), Celtic Mix (a wonderful creamy pistachio), and Stone Fence. I also got the base coat and the top coat; I'm curious to see how this line performs. Very well, I hope, because I really could fall in love with each and every color.

Tomorrow evening, I plan on checking out RC Apothecary in more detail. There's also going to be wine. I don't need further convincing.


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