Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nails: Dior Exquis

I can't stop looking at my nails. I keep flexing my fingers under any light source to see how the colors shift, and bringing them up to my face to examine once again the micro-shimmer. I have to be careful not to do it in public. The temptation is strong, believe me. This is Dior Exquis.

Is it chocolate? Gray? Taupe? Gold? It all depends on the light and the angle.

Indirect sunlight.

In the bottle it is a shimmering coppery-fawn color. It looks intriguing, but a bit plain. It's only when you pour (the formula goes on so smoothly that I can't bring myself to say "paint") it onto your nails that you start to see its enduring beauty. Dior Exquis is a subtle and sophisticated shade with a twist: it constantly mutates, but never loses its refinement.

In the shade, Exquis becomes quite subdued. It is a lovely chocolate-taupe.


In direct sunlight, Exquis fairly flares with gold micro-shimmer.

Direct late afternoon sunlight.
The key word is refinement: the micro-shimmer is visible only close up, but at a distance it still lends the nails luster and depth. Messy Wands and Beauty Look Book do a better job of capturing the gold flecks than my iPhone 3G can.

Under warm lighting, Exquis becomes chocolate-gold. Under cool lighting, Exquis looks like an entirely different animal, leaning toward a muted gray-taupe.

Warm indoor lighting.

Cool indoor lighting.
Either way, the micro-shimmer in Exquis still catches the light and throws it back in liquid rays. Now can you blame me for constantly checking out my nails?

Such beauty is allowed to be exempt from practical considerations, but Dior Exquis performs well too. This particular polish requires two coats to achieve opacity. So far the formula is standing up: on the fourth day, there is only the most minimal tip wear from typing on a keyboard.

I am in love with Dior Exquis. If I could keep only one nail polish from all the holiday collections this season, this unique shade would be it. Exquis makes me feel like my fingertips are made out of the most delicious toffee.


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