Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lips: NARS All Night Long

NARS All Night Long is one of my favorite lip glosses. Part of the 2008 holiday collection, it seems to be still available only on the NARS website. It's worth ordering.

When I first saw the color on my lips, the word that came to my mind was "pomegranate." The official description is "dusty raspberry," which fits. A hint of plum tones down the berry and gives it some depth.

The formula is excellent: shiny, long-lasting, and not sticky at all. While it's one of those "liquid" glosses, application is very precise. It also doesn't evaporate to leave behind parched lips: after eating a meal, I looked in the mirror and saw a shimmery pink-lilac stain. I want a lip gloss in that color now. While we're at it, I would love a satin lipstick in the original shade as well.

This is a shinier, bolder version of NARS' popular Stella lip gloss. Appropriately enough, I would wear the latter during the day and the former at nighttime.

NARS All Night Long is a dramatic but effortless lip gloss. It deserves more attention from NARS fans.


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