Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nails: Chanel Rose Cache

Chanel Rose Cache is an elegant rose-pink that works beautifully as a neutral.

In the bottle Rose Cache is a dusty mauvish pink shot through with soft iridescence. Beauty Look Book has very nice shots. On the nails the mauve picks up flesh tones so that the overall effect is a chic variation on the mannequin hands look.

The iridescence doesn't translate from the bottle to the nails, though if you look closely at your painted nails you'll see tiny flecks of ruby shimmer. Personally, I love the color. It's been inducted into my Neutrals Hall of Fame. The eyes perceive Rose Cache as dusty pink, but the brain keeps categorizing it as nude. It's like an optical illusion. Under certain indoor lighting the color can even appear slightly muddy, which is attractive in its own way, but outdoors it is a beautiful subdued rose. If it were any pinker, it would lose its understated sophistication.

I must reiterate: Rose Cache is lovely. It is the ultimate dusty rose-pink. There is an old-fashioned depth to it. Most pink polishes are too obvious and shallow for my tastes. Nudes also are tricky, as you have to find one that isn't too warm, too cool, too yellow, etc., for your skin tone. Rose Cache is perfection.

Application leaves something to be desired. Rose Cache goes on extremely thin, although not streaky, and bubbles easily; you should do three thin coats, and not two thick coats like I did. It wears well, however, reaching the fourth day without any tip wear.

Chanel Rose Cache is what you wear when you want to look simultaneously refined and modern.


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