Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lips: NARS Downtown

It's not a color I would normally wear. Metallic mauve? No, thank you. Yet I couldn't stop thinking about NARS Downtown Lipgloss. It was something about the way it appeared in the tube. Inevitably, I gave in and purchased it.

On my lips, Downtown turns into an incredible combination of edgy and flattering. It's a color I could easily wear out to a nightclub or incorporate into a winter daytime look.

At a distance, Downtown is subtle but interesting. Close up, you see why. The base is a mauvish plum with a cool overlayer of pink iridescence. The pink warms up the purple and prevents it from looking like one of those shades that escaped from the 80s.

Warm indoor light.

Indirect outdoor light.
This duality of color can also be seen in swatches by Temptalia and Lady of the Lane. As for performance, Downtown is thicker and stickier than most NARS lipglosses, but it doesn't bother me.

NARS Downtown Lipgloss walks the fine line between natural and unnatural, and for that reason turns heads.


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