Sunday, December 16, 2012

Animal Luxury: Discoveries of Fur, Horn, Leather, and Feather

Animal Luxury

Animal Luxury by creatureofdesign featuring travel handbags

Wearing a wool sweater or carrying around a leather bag can become so routine that we forget we are in tactile contact with an animal element. The above items reverse that by bringing the organic creature to the forefront in such a way that is impossible to ignore. Counter-clockwise from top left:


Ruma horn bangle by Kora - Made in Kenya from recycled Ankole cow horn, these bracelets glow with an inner luminosity. The brass and leather fittings make these bangles earthy enough to wear in wintertime, preferably with an oversized cream-colored sweater that has the slouchy sleeves pushed up.

Wool "mathematics hat" by Dries Van Noten - The frayed fleecy yarns give this structured hat such an eye-catching fluffy look that you are instantly reminded you are wearing wool (alpaca/merino blend). Tone this hat down by putting on a minimalist collarless black wool long coat.

Porcupine quill bib by K/LLER COLLECTION - This necklace made from brass quills and actual porcupine quills is rugged drama. Wear it under a leather biker jacket.

Stingray cufflinks by Collette Ishiyama - I didn't know I needed cufflinks until I saw this bronze and textured stingray leather version. I would clip them onto my chambray buttondown and push the sleeves slightly up my forearms; or I'd just stick them onto the collar.

Large black haircalf portfolio by Hare+Hart - The bold strip of black haircalf instantly elevates this leather portfolio into the style stratosphere.

Victorian feather mink fur button bootie by Fendi - A prim silhouette with outrageous embellishment, this bootie manages to hit on the leather, fur, and feather fronts simultaneously. Style it with slim dark jeans and an ivory turtleneck sweater.

Chieko deer clutch by Proenza Schouler - If you're feeling particularly daring, pair this brilliantly patterned deer fur clutch with the Fendi booties.

Flux fur jacket by Helmut Lang - Colored fur trim can be obnoxious sometimes, like yelling, "Look at me! I'm wearing fur!" Black fur on black leather, conversely, draws the eye and the hand to textures.

Baseball sweater with mink by Reed Krakoff - Another tone-on-tone design with fur. This sweater is lusciously slouchy, and the mink sleeves are just playful enough for a lazy weekend in the city.

And finally, in the center, goat fur "frozen scarf" by Ann Demeulemeester - Although made of goat fur, this scarf is so airy it looks as if it could have been woven from feathers. The gray and brown hues evoke winter perfectly.


Which is your favorite? Do you have any "wild kingdom" additions to this collection? Is anyone going to sic PETA on me? I was a vegetarian for six years. Go figure.


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