Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pampering with Hadali, Alaska Glacial Mud Co. & Sara Happ

This weekend I went swimming, and though of course I wore sunscreen, tonight I decided to be proactive and heal my skin with a pampering session.

While bathing, I exfoliated with Hadali Detoxifying Body Scrub, which uses organic cane sugar and cashew nut oil to leave my skin soft and velvety.

Once I got out of the shower, I treated myself to a Glacial Facial Masque by Alaska Glacial Mud Company. This mineral-rich glacial clay detoxifies and exfoliates to reveal a firm and glowing face.

While I was waiting for the mask to dry, I multitasked by renewing my lips with Sara Happ Brown Sugar Lip Scrub. I like to also do smell therapy by opening the jar and inhaling deeply.

Finally, I covered my entire body in Hadali Body Moisturizing Milk. The scent of tropical nuts and vanilla is just heavenly.

This is the first time I tried both Hadali and Alaska Glacial Mud Company, and the results are impressive. Soon I will do a more in-depth review on each of the above products. Now I'm ready to go to bed and face the new week.

How do you pamper yourself? What are your favorite natural products for decadent luxury?



  1. Lovely pampering products!!!!
    I love a bath and spa, and probably go for a massage!
    Following u now via Goggle +. Follow me back if you like! ♥

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  2. My favorite pampering product is Cocoa Kona scrub from 100% Pure. I never buy sugar scrubs because they're so easy and inexpensive to make at home but, this coffee scrub has me hooked.


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