Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coming Soon: Zebra Print Kabuki Brush by Chantecaille

Might this just be the most chic makeup brush ever? It's a kabuki brush in a zebra print, you guys.

From Chantecaille, this new African-inspired kabuki brush is made of ultra-soft goat hair in a firm, dome shape and costs $69. But I couldn't care less about the details. Zebra print. Currently it's available (only during their one-week fall preview) for preorder on Saks, and it should ship by the end of July.

This brush made me wonder if Chantecaille is coming out with a whole African theme for Fall 2012, which would be delightful. A little research indeed turned up on Chic Profile a sneak peek at the L'Elephant Palette, a quartet of rich earthy colors. I'm looking forward to the rest of Chantecaille's interpretation this fall.

Update: There's a (blurry!) photo of Olivia Chantecaille's face for Fall 2012. Love the deep browns and strong features.


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  1. Tanks for posting this. The zebra brush looks intersting, and the charity palettes are always pretty (btw, do you know if that one shade comes out red or copper or something else?) I have mixed feelings on the picture, my initial reaction is that it looks harsh with the bold angled cheek color and the black (?) on her head but it could just be the blurriness of the picture.


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