Sunday, June 17, 2012

Le Metier de Beaute Indian Summer Lip Creme Lip Gloss Set

This is an unlikely pair at first glance, but the combination works marvelously. Le Metier de Beaute Summer Haute House Hues Indian Summer Lip Creme Lip Gloss Set (who comes up with these word strings?) features Ginger Snap and Copper Leaf, two shades that are meant to "evoke the warm, dreamy feel of the end of the season."

Ginger Snap is a warm shimmery salmon pink. As others have remarked, the semi-sheer formula seems to be more of a lip gloss than a lip creme. I was concerned that it might add little besides sparkle to my lips; instead, I was pleasantly surprised by how much life Ginger Snap brought to my face. My natural lips are deathly pale, so even a touch of color makes a big difference.

And Ginger Snap isn't just any old color. It occupies that sweet spot at the center of the magic triangle formed by pink, peach, and salmon. I would swear there's even some mauve in there. Chunks of shimmer are visible, and they catch the light beautifully. I look tanner instantly. It's a cliche, but this is a lip gloss I could wear all summer. 

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Copper Leaf. It's metallic. It goes on thinly and smoothly but is completely opaque. It's like layering foil over my lips. The color is, well, copper: a burnished sienna with a hint of orange.

I imagine this would look fabulous on darker-skinned girls, but even my pale self found it intriguing. I could wear this out one hot summer night to a dimly lit balcony party, with a floppy white blouse, chunky gold jewelry, and big easy hair. And a margarita in my hand.

Messy Wands gave me the idea to layer both shades. Normally I'm lazy with my makeup: I prefer one product that I can swipe on and go. Bonus points if I don't have to look into a mirror to apply. But I have to admit Ginger Snap/Copper Leaf is worth the extra minute.

I troweled Ginger Snap over my base of Copper Leaf, and wound up with this autumnesque pile of burning leaves juicy goodness. The color is rich, dimensional, and captivating. It also brought out my green-hazel eyes, and that's the icing on the cake, isn't it?

Comparing my layering effort with Xiao's, I would say hers contains less Copper Leaf and more Ginger Snap. I already had two layers of Copper Leaf on, so I had to really goop on Ginger Snap. Next time, I'll experiment with a thinner base of Copper Leaf. The Beauty Look Book has a gorgeous mix of the two, also.

Le Metier de Beaute Indian Summer (I'm not going to type the whole thing out) is my favorite limited-edition lip duo so far. It surprises you with unexpected colors and textures, as well as combinations. Find it at Neiman Marcus for $65. Indian summer is such a romantic concept, and these two lip cremes capture it beautifully.


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