Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nails: Chanel Distraction

I see why this polish is named Chanel Distraction. I am in the midst of important tasks, and I can't stop looking at my nails.

Doesn't your heart just race at the sight of this bold coral? I assure you that these photos are true to life. Distraction is practically neon.

I took the second photo outside the salon, around 5:30 PM. The sky was fairly overcast, and the color still pops right off my fingers. The third photo does the best job, I think, of showing the intriguing mix of orange and pink.

When I first saw the bottle, I couldn't figure out what Distraction was. Orange? Pink? And what's up with the fuchsia microshimmer? I actually had doubts about it looking good on my hands, but these evaporated at the first thin, smooth stroke. The shade is a pulse-pounding neon coral balanced perfectly between orange and pink. It instantly makes my skin tanner. The microshimmer is invisible to the naked eye, but it does allow the saturated color to be opaque without being flat.

Chanel Distraction is absolutely amazing. Wear it poolside this spring.



  1. Isn't it a beauty, Nikki? Did you get any colors from the Valentine collection yourself?

  2. LOL. I was looking at this post and went to comment as to how beautiful this was, then realized, I already did:)

    Leigh,I got attraction, but am thinking of returning it. I cant stand the streakiness. For the price I expect better quality than I would get from Wet and Wild. I also got Desir glossimer, which is pretty!


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