Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chanel Coco Blue Nail Polish

Teaching high school, I invariably find May a hectic month. Final papers and projects are to be edited and submitted, grades are to be fed in, and there are countless functions to attend. I also happen to be sponsor of the Class of 2012, so this year is even crazier than usual. The past week, I was away on the senior camping trip to Harpers Ferry where we semi-roughed it in the wilderness. Naturally, I went camping with a fresh manicure. And not just any manicure. A Chanel manicure.

Impressively enough, Chanel Coco Blue survived the trip virtually intact while looking amazing. The above photo is taken in shade, to show the luminous boldness of the shade. The below three shots are taken in direct sunlight.

While Coco Blue is usually described as a muted or powdery blue, I would call it a neon-pastel (if that's even possible) blue. The color really pops on my nails, and I would swear I can see some teal. Swatches are funny things. Coco Blue shows up very pale on Beauty Look Book and Cafe Makeup, but on Polish Police it appears as it does on my own nails. Even though the color itself certainly is very light, I would not call Coco Blue pale or powdery because the hue is so saturated. My camera does a poor job of it, but close up you can see the trademark Chanel shimmer that gives it a subtle dimensional sheen.

Coco Blue is an attention-grabber. I received several compliments and exclamations. At least one person also noticed what I did with my toes.

Zoya Robyn is a glossy deep sky blue. All Lacquered Up describes it as a true cyan, which I think is spot on. As intense as Robyn is, it's actually slightly overwhelmed by the brightness of Coco Blue, but I loved the idea of having all-blue nails. My bathing suit is blue, too. Below shows the combination in shade. You can see again how Coco Blue absolutely glows.

I think I must credit Zoya Anchor Base Coat and Zoya Armor Top Coat with my polish's longevity. Every time I use this set, my manicure lasts forever. I love blue nails for summer; they're fresh and cool while evoking water.

Chanel Coco Blue was released as part of the Jeans de Chanel Collection for Fashion's Night Out 2011. Chanel's website still has it up but says it's available exclusively in boutiques, while on the other hand several months ago I was able to order it directly from the website. You can try your luck with third-party resellers. It really is a terrific polish to get your hands on.

In this summer season of bold turquoise polishes, Chanel Coco Blue still is something special.


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